in this look –
Kinship Society dress,
Zara blazer, Baublebar

If digital life could be compared to nature, Instagram would be my weekend escape in the mountains and Netflix my winter home. A quick look through the window would equal the short time I spend on Twitter and looking for mushrooms in the woods would be equivalent to the countless hours I’ve had spent in Vestiaire looking for the perfect Chanel that fits my budget, a hunt which always ends in the same way: sans mushrooms and sans Chanel.

Now, if the key to surviving the new year is to become the most productive, outstanding and motivated person in your social circle, the key to receive spring is to simply do nothing, sunbath in every corner, smell the flowers and think you have the rest of the year to finish your projects. If I could combine my professional activities and the ones of a lizard bathing on the sun in a bleisure trip as I did two weekends ago, I’d sign the legal papers in a flash.

Inspired by this idea of ​​balance between mind and body, disconnection and permanent connection, and taking advantage of a work trip to the Paratge de Tudela, here’s a spring editorial which proposes to free the silhouette in comfortable dresses and bare feet, as well as compromising superior mobility with accessories of unnecessary dimensions, but very much in vogue. Because you can try to disconnect from the world by escaping to nature, but there’s always an Instagram photo to take.



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