Considering current times as a mixture of ideas, artistic movements, religions and aesthetics, this editorial is just a small bit of the concept that will be part of art books in fifty or a hundred years in the future. However, I believe the movement of Posturing will evolve to stay permanently: perhaps in sculptures made of the plastic we couldn’t recycle, the possibility of translating it to YouTube or in any new digital platform that technology ingeniously provides us.

The posturing movement may seem like a merely aesthetic pose game (in our case, in small doses due to the physical limitations created by the grass and the clothes), but the message that entails, in many cases, is deeper than a still life or an insertion in a magazine with the only purpose of selling. Ironically, I wanted to create this editorial for purely aesthetic purposes since being a small team of three people I didn’t want to overcomplicate it, however, by asking my friend Laia for her help as a model and part of her wardrobe (since we didn’t want to buy anything new for this photoshoot), we exercised without realizing two values ​​we consider highly valuable in GADRIANA: friendship and sustainability.

Adriana is wearing Purificación García
top & trousers, Inch2 furry pumps,
Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Sun bag.
Laia is wearing Uniqlo turtleneck,
Sfizio pleated skirt, Arxé jacket,
Jeffrey Campbell boots


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  1. Wow this photoshoot is on another level. You did such a good job capturing these poses, and it looks like you had fun <3

    I am also trying to play with my poses given that I am tired of the classical hand on the hip/ ankles crossed blogger poses. There is a certain magic to posturing that makes you curious. Great job, again!

  2. Excellent compositions and lovely outfits! Simple poses that speak volumes. Well done Adriana! My favorites: the very top and the last one on the bottom.