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She’s Alona. We all wanted to be like her. She was from London but her attitude reminded you of a much more exotic place, the kind of place where beauty was followed with a path different from ours. She’s the girl you met in middle school and admired all through the end of high school. Do you remember her wearing those chunky retro necklaces from her mother’s closet? Everybody thought she was kind of special, and yet, she wasn’t part of the popular kids. Even better, ’cause she’s the kind of girl you wanted as a best-friend and we all wished we could be half as daring as she was.

Don’t misunderstand it, Alona is a strong one. She’s not very into comfort zones. She loves new challenges, to utilize her skills into the creation of wonderful pieces for the contemporary woman, believing in beauty within the most little details.

Her inspiration comes from a very well-known place in her heart: her Middle-Eastern and European background. Contrasting elements such as natural stones and semi-precious stones, metals and organic gems so each piece is unique, beautiful and edgy. Alona is one girl you wanna keep on your radar, today and tomorrow.

This season Alona is donating 10% of the proceeds of each order to Ocean Conservation charities. Let’s help along the mission taking care of our oceans, beaches and water.

This post is sponsored by Alona.
All opinions & creative content are my own.


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  1. Such a beautiful story, Adriana :). Your posts are always so seamless and dreamy – an aura of escapism in each one and with so much time, quality, and dedication. The jewelry pieces are wonderfully captured and styled. It is always so amazing to see your work and blog!! Tons of love and respect for your work, Bella

    1. Hello Mouna, sorry about the late reply to your comment. Thank you so much! I put a lot of time on these and I love when someone appreciates it 🙂 Thank you for your support and your sweet words. xx

  2. Qué bonito maquillaje, ¿qué iluminador usas? Se ve muy natural.
    Me encanta el abrigo transformado, te quedó muy original.