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I tried Amazon’s best beauty products and this is what I’d definitely repurchase…



I firmly believe that many products in the luxury beauty market are worth their price due to their patents on key ingredients to improve the skin’s appearance, however, I also believe there are products that are equal or better than those that exceed the two figures. No need to spend your savings on miraculous products when the market is so competitive and there’s always something better coming out every year.

Along this post in collaboration with MyUS shopping service, I’ll show you the best beauty products available on Amazon that are unbeatable in terms of quality and price. Why I believe they’re worth it, what kind of skin type they’re good for, which ones I’m not buying again and my advice so you can make the most out of them. Please note my skin type is combo/sensitive, so I didn’t order any products that are focused on dry or normal skin, although some of these work on all skin types.

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Thayers rose petal toner,
Cosmedica Hyaluronic 
Acid Serum



One of the first products in the best-seller category on Amazon is the Thayers toner with an almost perfect five-star rating. Made with rose water, witch hazel extract and aloe vera, it’s also a cruelty-free product, alcohol and paraben-free.

I was a little reluctant to try it since it contains natural rose scent and, being the first product I apply on the skin after I clean it with micellar water, I was worried the perfume could cause irritation, even if it’s completely natural. Quite the contrary: my skin is super hydrated after applying it, ready for my cocktail of serums with clean pores and all for less than 7 dollars for a big, big bottle.

My advice to make the most out of this product is to forget about cotton balls or discs, put a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub them to spread the toner and apply it directly on the face while gently patting to activate your skin’s elasticity, this way you’ll waste less product and your skin can absorb it in greater quantity.



If I had to stick to a single skincare acid for the rest of my life it would definitely be hyaluronic acid. You’ve probably heard about it since its popularity has abruptly increased in the last couple of years and you can find it as a main ingredient in toners, serums, moisturizers and even lip balms since this acid retains 1,000 its weight in water, so when used as the first step of your beauty routine it helps to retain the moisturise coming from your facial oils and creams for longer, leaving the skin soft and plumped regardless of your skin type.

So, with the Cosmedica Pure Hyaluronic Acid I didn’t see extremely impressive results me but it’s because I already use hyaluronic acid in my beauty routine with a Mizon serum (which I also recommend a lot), but my skin stays hydrated all day despite the low temperatures, so I can say that it works properly and I do notice how it gently fills my depressed acne scars.

My advice is that once you try the small size and find it works for you, go for the largest jar. The price is unbeatable, oil-free, vegan, without parabens or fragrances. Honestly, you’ll not regret it or find a product of this quality at a better price.



This toner is the stepped up version of the Thayers one (although still quite affordable), since the active ingredients are the same. The difference with the Mario Badescu Facial Spray lies in two things: the format is easier to use and this formula contains alcohol, so I don’t recommend using it as a toner directly after washing your face.

Honestly, I didn’t find any advantage that made it superior to Thayers, so my recommendation is to use it as a makeup fixer for a dewy effect and as a moisturise reactivator if you live in very cold weather conditions.



Is your skin type oily or combination? This product will definitely interest you. A dead sea mud mask containing salts and minerals to help remove excess sebum from the pores and preventing pimples, as well as helping your skin restoring the firmness it needs if you apply make-up every single day.

The Pure Body Naturals mask can be applied easily with a brush or your fingers, then you let it dry for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Unlike other masks I’ve used before, this one doesn’t leave a dry or tight feeling on the skin, or create discomfort such as irritation or heat. On the contrary, once the mask is applied it provides a very refreshing and calming sensation, as well as helping to regulate the skin’s production of oil.

My advice for this product is to not apply a thick coat, as it will only take longer to dry and the effects are the same. What I like the most about this jar is that you can use it on the rest of your body and the amount of product will cover you for a while! You definitely get at least two dozen applications for less than $12. That’s .50 cents per application and the kind of math I like. 




Who doesn’t want whiter teeth within a few minutes and without visiting the dentist. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? That exact same though went through my mind when I decided to order this teeth whitener with “natural” active charcoal. Luckily, my neighbor who’s a dentist assistant and one of my best friends was there when I received this product and advised me against using it, not even once.

Active charcoal works as a vacuum cleaner and is beneficial when consumed after food poisoning or as the ingredient in a face mask. For teeth stains works in a similar way, taking with it the stains caused by tobacco, coffee and red wine. However, its molecular composition causes terrible consequences in the tooth enamel, since it works as an exfoliant that gradually wears down the natural protection in our teeth.

So my advice is this: don’t buy it, don’t use it, even if it’s among the best sellers on Amazon. Also, don’t use similar products with active charcoal and, if you’re worried about your stained teeth, it’s better to pay a visit to your dentist so he can offer you the best solution. This is definitely one of those cases when we learn that not everything that’s natural is good for you.



And to end this review on a positive note, here’s the best product from my entire order to Amazon. A hypoallergenic and fast absorbing oil made with calendula, lavender, rosemary and chamomile oils, vitamin A and E and suitable for any type of skin. The biggest attractiveness of this product and the hardest to believe is its ability to visibly reduce the appearance of scars, prevent or reduce stretch marks during pregnancy, as well as preventing wrinkles thanks to its moisturizing properties. Not only that, but it helps to improve the tone of the skin and to blur old and new acne spots. It seems too good to be true, right?

I thought the same thing, and now I regret I didn’t order the big bottle (even if two drops a day are enough) as it has really helped to improve the appearance of my acne scars caused by hyper-pigmentation. The only similar product I have found to this is the La Mer Renewal Oil which is $245 per 30ml; the Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare is less than $10 for 60ml.

My advice is to apply the oil at night after you’ve done your complete skincare routine and, if you have oily skin, replace your moisturizer with it every two or three days so you don’t oversaturate the skin. You can also mix a drop of oil with your favorite makeup foundation to make it dewy. Use it on your elbows and knees when they are especially dry or apply a small amount on the ends of your hair for some shine. There are many ways to use it and you’ll not regret it if you order the biggest size available. Plus, it smells incredible.


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Some of these products can’t be purchased outside of the United States, so I used service to receive them to my address in Spain. MyUS is a shopping service similar to a P.O. Box where your purchases are received, inspected and sent together in a single package to your international address. They’re running a promotion for a free Premium account, as well as discounts on your shipments for a year. Because of this post and due to my obsession with skincare I decided to shop only beauty products but you can ask for practically anything that’s not available in your country.



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