Aqua Swing

Exactly one decade ago I confirmed that creating was my thing. I could burn soup at the kitchen, fall on my knees every time I tried getting into the basketball team and fail at math again and again, but a blank canvas never scared me or had negative effects on me. The anxiety I suffered on my teenage years was because my boobs refused to grow (now I’m kinda thankful) and for the acne phase I had, thanks to the irremediable thing called genetics, for almost a decade, yet I never conceived anxiety as the consequence of blocking myself towards a blank paper.

Back then, I ignored that once I graduated from university and started working for an office or had clients of my own, my creativity would run the risk of being between the demands of the project’s sponsor and the expectations they had towards the result. It took me several years to realize that there are jobs that pay to put food on the table and there are jobs that pay you with freedom.

in this photo –
Zara puffed sleeves dress,
Cult Gaia Lilleth bag, Blank
Canvas sandals (similar by
Cocobelle), Aita hat (more
summer hatson Shopbop)

On this occasion, OMEGA asked us to create a set of photographs for their Aqua Swing collection inspired by the identity of the sea and its weaves, without leaving behind the aspirational feeling of the brand and its commitment to quality and design. A briefing with limited freedom and from which, nevertheless, we wanted to propose new ideas on our own.

So, there we were that day, doing everything as if it were our final university project and without any fear of getting our hands dirty. We poured our heart into the concept, looking for an inexpensive way to make it original and accesible for the people that read me (Ikea and Zara never let anyone down, don’t you think?), ironing the pieces before leaving home, boarding a train towards Sitges with a suitcase, a big hat, a chair and a lunch box made of sandwiches and cookies for my team; doing my own make-up, covering myself with a trench coat between each take as summer hadn’t arrive yet and making the most out of the cheapest lighting in the world.

Because in order to create a competent concept and content within a saturated digital world, it is necessary to ignore your fears and dare to do a bit of everything. Today I’m modeling, tomorrow I’ll be ironing clothes and I’ll spend the next day in my pijamas retouching photos. I’m telling you this because the next month begins a new chapter for the blog in which, instead of doing everything, I’ll take the wheel of a project I’ve been dreaming of half of my life and in which I hope you’ll join me. Am I scared? Of course I am, but I’m more scared of not even trying.

I hope this set of photos inspire you to create believing in the solid idea that you don’t need the most expensive equipment or a hundred percent freedom in order to do something, and especially, to lead life projects that will make you smile once they’re completed. I’ll read you guys soon!


This post is NOT sponsored by OMEGA, but some of these photos were created after their request for an Instagram campaign.
This post is a personal initiative and my own opinions.


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  1. Me alegra mucho que te estés embarcando en un nuevo proyecto y que veas materializar tus sueños. Yo he logrado llegar al punto en el que mi pasión y mi trabajo se funden, y comparto el sentimiento. Te leo desde hace varios años y he visto tu progreso. Admiro mucho tu trabajo y tu personalidad. Mucha suerte! I’m looking forward to continue reading you! :*

  2. ¡Qué hermoso!
    Como siempre me dejas sin palabras y pude identificarme mucho con la parte de la hoja en blanco y de los procesos creativos.
    Estoy muy emocionado con esta nueva etapa y por poder formar parte de ella *___*

  3. Adri, ¡eres GRANDE! No quiero ser tan repetitiva en mis comentarios, pero ya he agotado los mejores adjetivos que tengo para escribirte mi admiración.
    Te envío mis mejores deseos para tu nuevo proyecto y ruego al cielo para seguir encontrando personas tan creativas, amables y humildes, porque me inspiran sin control. Gracias por los efectos que tienen tus post, te aseguro que si entre tus objetivos está el llenar de belleza y calidad está era digital… lo estás logrando.
    Adri V