Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to introduce you to some pretty unique and strong girls, different in their own beauty and made by themselves, such as AliceAlona and Sophie.

However, there’s a personal matter that will be hard for me to ignore when I introduce you to the Arxé girl, and it’s because I’ve been lucky enough to witness its development from birth ’til its conformation as a solid idea to dress women that resemble and inspire her: girls with a strong personality and an individual voice speaking for them, while their appreciation for the delicacy of life makes them, without a doubt, very feminine.

Arxé is the creation of Laia Navalón Arxé, a girl whom I have the pleasure of calling my friend for more than a decade and whose friendship was consolidated in New York a few years ago, when we’re still living in continents separated by an ocean and when my plans of living in Barcelona were null. It will be curious, then, that a few years later we found ourselves living in the same city, sharing experiences and tastes in a scenario where good dressing is scarce, as if that New Yorker inspiration would have impregnated in us and we would have decided to not look back since then.

Because when I think of Arxé, I think of that girl pulled out from the glossy pages of a magazine, who takes enough time to apply her lipstick with agility and does not give a minute to think about what people think of her, working to achieve her dreams and hopefully inspiring others in the way, at the same time she arrives fashionably late to a dinner with a huge smile, ’cause she knows life is lightweight and there’s always a tomorrow.

This post is NOT sponsored by Arxé,
but done by my own initiative and love for my friend’s work.


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  1. El vestido de estampado geométrico me ha enamorado. Es un estilo muy especial, con prendas llenas de fuerza. Yo sin duda las incluiría en mi fondo de armario y las mezclaría con mis complementos para darles mi estilo. Son de esas prendas que siempre tienen hueco en el armario de una fanática de la moda jajaja. Unos looks ideales, Adriana!

    1. Laia es una chica que siempre piensa en la funcionalidad de las piezas sin sacrificar el estilo, al final del día, ella es una chica como tú y yo y sabe exactamente cómo es la vida real. Arxé es la culminación de todo eso en piezas que, como dices, van con estilo y mucha fuerza. xx

  2. Todo es precioso y se ve de una calidad irreprochable. Eso se agradece siempre.
    Líneas muy limpias, me gusta todo.
    Felicidades a la diseñadora y gracias por compartir tus ideas con nosotros.
    Gracias también a ti Adri por apoyar a los talentos independientes.

    1. Hola Alejandra, gracias a ti por comentar! Y gracias por notar la calidad, algo que no quise mencionar en el texto porque sonaría forzado, pero la verdad es que las prendas están muy bien hechas por dentro y por fuera, con todos los detalles cuidados al mínimo. Y sabes que es solo su primera colección? 😀 besos! x