I’m a person whose believes rely on science. A big part of the time I spend on Youtube I dedicate it to understand how our universe and its stars work, and the immensity of time and space end up overwhelming me every night I go to bed. Nonetheless, I also believe we’re pretty lucky to witness the precise moment, within the 4.5 billion years of the Earth’s age, when something created by us is so big and majestic it takes our breath away.

A picture speaks a thousand words, that will never change. So, I’ll keep this post short, because there will never be enough words to describe the possible sleepless nights of Arnolfo Di Cambio when he was designing the Duomo of Florence, neither the stress, anguish and happiness we all ignore of Filippo Brunelleschi when it was more or less finished a century later, just so us, mere spectators and coincidences of human existence, can rejoice of its beauty on a postal, ro a fresh summer morning at six in the morning.

And with this short and simple editorial I finalise my trip to the Tuscany.
My love for it, on the other hand, will never vanish.


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  1. I adore the Duomo. Florence is just beautiful. Magical early in the mornings too, before everyone is up. Great work with shooting so early and looking flawless. I love the gold tones and those earrings together. It’s unexpected but elevates the look so much!
    xx Jenelle

  2. Yay for marigold!!😍😍 I love love this whole entire look, the earrings complete it so perfectly Adriana! 👏👏 And yes to the moments of appreciation of this beautiful place and the work behind it.

  3. De tus mejores o tal vez tu mejor editorial, no solamente por las fotos sino por ese texto tan inspirador! Tenemos tanta suerte de estar en el lugar y en el momento más precioso y muchas veces no lo valoramos!
    Espero vuelvas mucho a Italia, te sienta fenomenal 🙂

  4. Tanta nostalgia! Vivi en Florencia por un año, ay fue uno de los mejores años de mi vida. El duomo de Firenze, la catedral de Milano y la Sagrada Familia son mis preferidas. Ya que su architectura y detalles increibles te dejan con la boca abierta.
    Como siempre muy guapa Adriana, me encanta el look! Saludos!