Since I was a little girl stealing my grandma’s fabric scraps to sew little dresses, I always knew I would end up working in fashion one way or another. I grew up to stop dreaming and got down to work, opening Fake Leather a little over 7 years ago after my graphic design classes at the University weren’t fulfilling me; I had zero expectations, zero experience and a big desire.

It was almost like a game, as I was only looking for a comfort zone and where, to this day, I don’t know if it was luck, destiny, the inevitability of my actions or the perfect timing, but I had the chance to make the blog a business, creating content for brands, developing skills I didn’t know I had and in the process, getting to know you as readers, whether it was via your comments, social channels or the uncountable times I met you at the street when you came over to say hi.

That last thing, especially, had a big impact on me. Those moments where we got to meet each other, having a coffee while you entrusted me your concerns, doubts and fears about the future helped me to realize that, while we all enjoy pretty photos, outfits and beauty tips, there are also other issues that worry us day by day and we don’t speak about them out loud because very few people have the guts to put them over the table (or in this case, the Internet). Why are we still holding our tongues when we are at the finish line of the second decade of the XXI Century?

in this photo –
Billabong wide hat
(more hats on Shopbop),
Chanel Rouge Coco
lipstick in ‘Gabrielle’

Another reason for this evolution was the influencer saturation on Instagram. Everything became numbers, likes, engagement and I found the more I was creating content, the less retention we all had to it. I never liked the concept of influencer or ego-blogger, neither the variants that the media gave us in the last decade to, somehow, classify us. I don’t think I’m either of those and, while it’s true that you as readers trust in me and the stories I write, it was never my intention to influence you or telling you how you should live your life.

My job became demotivating. Going out, taking a few outfit photos and posting them wasn’t fulfilling me anymore, I felt my life was turning into a trivial routine from which, it seems, I couldn’t complain because I had ‘the dream job’. Sometimes I asked myself questions such as: “If we were in an apocalyptic episode, what would I be good at?” Nothing. All those thoughts opened my eyes and helped me to try something different, to finally close the ‘influencer’ chapter of my life and to open the one I’m wishing for since I was a little girl.

so, what is GADRIANA?

Gadriana is a project that has been cooking in both my computer’s motherboard and in my own mind for more than a year. A project that changed its course at least three times and which, finally, it’s materialized after filling a few notebooks with ideas, some tears, extra hours of work and a few midnight calls to the web developers so they could help me finish everything by summer.

Being a project so personal and so ingrained to me, it could not be called any other way than my own name combined with an acronym.

Thus, Gadriana is a site made for and by contemporary women. Even though topics such as fashion, style, beauty and travel will stay frequent, I want to offer you something more than the scent of a perfume or a pretty dress, and not only that, but to give you the chance to contribute to this space with your ideas and emotions.

I wish for a place where, as women owning our lives and decisions, take and shape Gadriana as the space where we can feel comfortable talking about what excites us, the things we hate and what we desire. To open doors and windows to healthy discussions that help us to step out of the little bubble on which we sometimes live in without realizing (been there, done that).

Gadriana is Adriana Gastélum and it’s for all of you. In the next couple of weeks we will be publishing the first articles from collaborators from all over the globe. They’re not famous, neither they work in fashion, but have strong and important ideas that we could consider introducing in our lives.

If you’re interested in contributing with photos, articles or you just want to say hi, you can definitely do it.

Whether you’ve been following Fake Leather for years or this is the first time you’re reading me, I want to welcome you to the new chapter of that little girl who always wanted to be the editor of her life. I’m sure we will have lots of fun in the process!


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  1. Sólo puedo decirte: ¡Muchas Felicidades!
    Por atreverte, por meterle tanta pasión a tu trabajo. En lo personal, tu creatividad y tu estilo es lo que más admiro de ti. Siempre veo tu Instagram como -Fashion architect-. Tus fotos, tu sitio, no conozco otro igual ni parecido.

    Gracias por compartir más con nosotras, como mexicana y como mujer te digo que estoy orgullosa de ti por todo lo que has hecho, así, como si te conociera.

    ¡La mejor vibra para tu nuevo proyecto! ✨

    1. Muchas gracias, Dana! Tus palabras significan mucho para mí, después de meses siento que por fin puedo compartirlo con todas ustedes, y me da energía para seguir trabajando más y más. Espero seguir creando contenido para que te sientas feliz de entrar en este espacio y que lo sientas tan tuyo como lo hice para ustedes. Yo siento que las conozco a todas ustedes 🙂 Un beso!

  2. ¡No puedo estar más emocionada y feliz por ti!
    Después de años de leerte y seguir Fake leather, me preguntaba cuál sería esa sorpresa que anunciabas. Por un momento temí que tu nuevo proyecto no contara con los escritos tan francos y naturales que siempre abundaron en tu blog, ahora me siento feliz de que tengas un nuevo medio para expresarte y compartir.
    ¡Todo el éxito!

    1. Muchas gracias, Alina! No podría haber dejado de lado una de las cosas que más me gustaban de Fake Leather, que era escribir! Lo positivo es que ahora no solo me leerás a mí, sino a otras chicas con opiniones que nos ayudarán a reflexionar 🙂 Un beso muy grande!

  3. Again, congratulations on the launch! I am sure Gadriana will soon become an inspiration source for everyone who appreciates great content. Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration!

  4. Congratulations!

    I love that you brought your career development to this next level, showing us more of your interests and still staying connected to the topics you started Fake Leather with. Looking forward to read Gadriana!

    All the best!