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The day I arrived in Barcelona, I knew my days of living in a big house with plenty of space were over. I officially accepted it two weeks later when I signed the rent contract of an apartment which, being completely empty, looked to be deceivingly more than enough. A set of furniture and a bed later, I realised that if I wanted to have a harmonious space, I’d need to be selective with the furniture and accessories that entered through that front door.

Three years and a bit more later– with a space that needed to work as a home, a studio and a leisure corner– we decided to keep white as the canvas and leave the spotlight on the ceiling height and key design pieces that bring both visual interest and warmth to every corner. We especially value a hint of color because, since this space needs to be neutral for photographs, we can’t paint the walls.

in this photo –
Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 1
speaker, Amt Studio cotton
shirt and printed trousers,
Kanaas Tularosa slides

Two of our design pieces are the speakers of the newest Harmonies collection by Bang & Olufsen, that either together or separately, fulfill the double function of 1) being aesthetically deserving of valuable space in the apartment, and 2) work with our computers, smartphones and video games in order to create the ideal environment whether we are resting, working or watching a movie while having dinner.

My personal favorite is the BeoSound 1 speaker, because even when it looks like a small coffee maker (a very chic one, I must say), it has enough power to spice up a party at the terrace but subtle enough to keep it next to my bed. In terms of aesthetics, the medal goes to the BeoPlay A9 for being the most spectacular and original speaker within the collection; by itself it can provide more than enough charisma to a simple corner.

Whether I turn on one or both, the size of my apartment is still the same, but the possibilities of its use multiply every time I change the song*.

*Which, unless it’s Saturday night, I have to turn off by 10 p.m. to avoid a visit from the police.



This post is a collaboration with Bang & Olufsen.
All opinions & creative content are my own.


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    1. Hi Mia, thanks for commenting. I was never too found of speakers because they were usually pretty ugly and hard to blend with interior design, I love B&O for the design statement! 🙂

  1. ¡Qué bonito post Adriana! Disfruté mucho de este editorial y de identificarme contigo cuando de espacios habitables se trata. A mi también me pasó cuando por fin encontré piso y fue como “bueno no tengo tantas cosas” pero ahora siento que me falta un poco de espacio porque aquí también nos tiene que servir de oficina-lugar para dormir-lugar para vivir-lugar para almacenar las muchísimas cosas que necesita un diseñador jaja.
    Me encantan los accesorios de Bang Olufsen, de hecho el otro día pasé por la tienda y pensé que era una cafetera xD, me parece todo tan estético que la idea de renunciar a la bocina fea ya no es nada descabellada 🙂 Por cierto me encantan tu sofá y la lámpara dorada también! *_*

    1. Hola Pablo! 😀 Estoy de acuerdo contigo, el asunto del espacio en Barcelona es muy complicado. O te vas a las afueras y tienes espacio, o te quedas en el centro y te acomodas a lo que hay. Una de las mejores cosas en las que he invertido para mi depa es una cama con almacenaje en la parte de abajo. De verdad es lo mejor, le cabe toda la mugre que acumulas y queda todo “oculto” y súper limpio 🙂 mejor que poner mil estanterías y hacer un escaparate de acumulación. Besos! x

    1. Hi Aleksandra, we feel you. We don’t have a dinning table either. We could fit one, but we wouldn’t have space for our photography equipment. Haha 🙁

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