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not your five-minute make-up, but close enough…

This end of the year I decided to make the daring acquisition of zero garments for the holidays and focus my looks in basic pieces and accessories that shine by themselves. Partly because my budget went into a trip to Mexico and, on the other hand, because I consider consumerism must be independent from style. Within the category “accessories” I consider make-up as a classification (i.e how to transform a little black dress from the office to the night: Just add a vibrant lipstick and mix well).

Hence, and whether you already have your holidays outfits for December or decided to repeat last year’s dress, I wanted to share three make-up looks that, in all honesty, won’t take you five minutes, but neither the whole night. Because I know it well, coming from someone who’s main goal is to arrive early when the buffet bar is still intact, the ideal on any party is to spend the less time possible in front of a mirror.

details –
Alona Marlow earrings,
Essie Wicked nail polish


To shine or not, that’s the question, and a much more natural one when it comes to a monochromatic make-up look between eyes and lips, which will lighten your face every time you blink softly. Because this is focused on the eyes, keep the skin matte and flawless.

HOW: Start with a matte foundation for your face and a shimmery eyeshadow on the eyelid, blending the perimeter with a matte eyeshadow. Then, create a gradient on your lips with a tint of the same color and seal it with a layer of gloss, which will help your lip color to fade with dignity along the night. Finish it off with a touch of rosy cheeks and structured eyebrows to frame your face.


Seductive with three key products. This look requires a steady hand (or enough time to create defined lines), a compact in your purse and kissing your relatives five centimeters away, but it promises a captivating look and giving you a confidence when smiling that few toothpastes can offer.

HOW: Start with a matte foundation and a natural eyeshadow to frame the shape of your eyelid. For the cheeks, my recommendation is to forget the blush and reserve the color for the cat-shaped eyeliner in a purple or blue of your choice. Make it as defined and (a bit) exaggerated as posible, finishing off with a satin lipstick and a gradient on the corners of the lips using a grey lipliner. Don’t forget the well-shaped eyebrows, as always.



Or what I call the eternal Taylor Swift red carpet make-up. The modern version of the classic black eyeliner and red lips that goes well with any outfit (although I recommend to coordinate it with jewel tones), never goes out of style and accommodates itself to any skin tone.

HOW: Start with a long-wearing and satin-finish foundation, followed by a shimmery eyeshadow in a champagne color all over the lids and the blackest eyeliner you can find. The stars of this look are: the flawless red matte lips in a shade that goes well with your skin tone and the glowing touches of cream highlighter on key points of your face: cheekbones, tear ducts, bridge of the nose, chin and Cupid’s bow.

get the look –
MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, NYX liquid illuminator, 
MAC Cherry lipliner, URBAN DECAY Perversion eyeliner,
SISLEY base corrector, SKINFOOD salmon concealer

Which one is your favorite?

Mine is the second one, no doubt. However, let’s take a moment to take a sip from our coffee mug and remember that no matter how many kilos of make-up you wear, the best accessory is and always will be a big smile (which I lack of in these photos for editorial effect, but you know what I mean).


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  1. My favorite look is look no.2 as well. Damn you applied that eyeliner with militaristic precision. And purple looks so rich on your skin tone. I actually bought few purple make up products last spring but I am so pale, I ended up looking like someone beat me up hahah

  2. Estás bellísima con los tres maquillajes!! Mi favorito es el segundo, ese delineado morado me ha ganado. Yo soy malísima maquillándome, y los ojos intento no tocarlos porque parecería un oso panda. Tengo que mejorar en eso jajaja. Me parece genial tu idea de no comprar nada nuevo para ponernos en las fiestas. A veces tenemos todas las prendas necesarias en nuestro armario, y solo nos falta combinarlas de forma ariginal, y fresca. Que pases unos buenos días en familia y que disfrutes de las fiestas!!