While Barcelona is far from being the most rainy city within Europe (pretty far actually) and we don’t share London’s weather, the past couple of weeks it’s been a non-stop game of intermittent rains, the kind which wets your socks on your way to work but at the afternoon only humidity, clouds and two puddles are left to be seen on every corner.

Dressing for the rain without sacrificing style ain’t that hard when you learn a few tricks here and there. No penguin-style looks with a thousand layers and chunky rain boots in this post. Here are some of my tips to slay your day even on the gloomiest one.



If there’s a piece that’s both trendy and the best ally for a rainy day is a vinyl trench coat. It might look like you’d be cold wearing it, but it actually blocks the wind and humidity. Don’t be intimidated and dare to get one in a special color, the water will slide off the same way and it will give the greatest leadership to your whole outfit.




Wait, I don’t mean the common rain boots you are able to find on sale right now. I mean any pair of patent boot that’s tall enough to block the water is a great option and, just like a trench coat, you can choose between different colors in order to step out of the comfortable and boring black. My current favorites are these from SENSO which, besides from keeping their shiny during the day, are incredibly comfortable.



Two simple things you can do on a rainy day to highlight your face from the gloom: a vivid red lip or, if you want something more natural and retouch-free, a highlighter is for you. As for the hair, forget to wash it, style it or do anything special with it because the humidity will destroy it. A bit of dry shampoo and a chignon are ideal to keep you sleek for the whole day.



Don’t risk your leather garments, accessories or pieces made of delicate materials on rainy days, some of them -especially italian leather- are very sensitive to moisture. If you have synthetic options (or synthetically coated, like this FERRAGAMO bag) those are the ones you want to wear when it’s raining. Take a small cloth with you to dry up the excess and it will be as if nothing ever happened.



Finally, and something I learned on my first winter fashion week: thermals. There are tons of designs and brands, but without a doubt UNIQLO takes the medal for the development of technology to stay warm. They’re thin, in all shapes, colors and very affordable so you can keep on wearing your autumn clothes on winter.


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  1. La gabardina me parece una preciosidad, sobre todo me encanta el color. Es un look con mucha elegancia. En Madrid también está lloviendo un montón, y lo único que apetece es enfundarse unas botas de agua y salir con un buen paraguas. Estás genial, Adriana!! Un saludo!