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Italy is a country which calls me. From the food, the people, the art, the music and the effusive hand gestures. A country whose warmth and chaos reminds me a lot to Mexico, where people drive as they please, where there’s always a party and food on the table. A familiar friendliness that it’s difficult to find in Europe, and nothing better to relieve the September’s miseries than with the memories of what summer took away.

Tuscany is only the home of one of the most important events in the world of art, the Renaissance in all its glory. It’s also one of the most frequent places by tourists. Forgive me, then, that this guide/story is limited to well-known and highly frequented points, and that my recommendations are based on sentimental, corny and very personal memories.

top –
The Kidnapping of the
Sabine Women – Giambologna
left –
Galleria dell’Accademia

Florence is the capital, not only from the Tuscany, but from the Renaissance art. A point in the global map I wanted to visit since my first university classes on history of art. The city inhabited by supernatural beings that for centuries have been able to stop the breath from the most reluctant. Because yes, the Adonis seems like he’s breathing and the Venus of Urbino is, hedonistically speaking, perfect.

Must-have visits that you can’t miss are the Galleria degli Uffizi, the Galleria dell’Accademia and enter the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, both the cathedral and the tower. Moreover, you’ll find how every street will keep your eyes occupied and any bench and resting point will be a delight.

top – Venus of Urbino – Titian

But for true treats, the italian food
on any corner and restaurant.
A espresso with ice. A spritz at
mid-afternoon. A gelato for any
time of the day, my favorites:
Venchi and La Strega Nocciola.



Change of itinerary. Wake up at six on the mornings, prepare a breakfast for takeaway and ride the train to Siena for 9,50€. A small corner in the same Tuscany famous for the Palio, a horse race celebrated in the Piazza del Campo di Siena.

Its magnificent architecture and urbanization will make you walk on every one of its narrow and steep streets, so much that you will probably ignore the fatigue on your feet and the heat within the city. My main recommendation is to wear comfortable shoes and carry a few band-aids. Don’t thank me and set your alarm for the next morning.


Quickly buy a coffee and a croissant at the station. Take the Trenitalia towards Pisa for 8,50€ first thing in the morning. Arrive in approximately an hour to your destination and keep calm, the atmosphere will be noisy, touristy, heated (gelato is recommended) and unflattering for a city whose foundations are both its misfortune and fortune.

Let the path to the bridge take you to the tower, the one which crowns every kiosk with Italian memorabilia and the magnet I have on my fridge. Keep on calm, because the moment you see it, you won’t believe it. Yes, it looks bigger, more magnificent and more inclined than in photos, and I don’t exaggerate when I tell you my first reaction at first sight was: breathless. It’s definitely one of the most fortunate accidents that could have ever happened.


My love for Italy is difficult to explain, so I hope this visual story supported by a few words could create in you a small tickle. The kind of tickle that makes you book your flight tickets asap for the Tuscany and put on hold your diet, ’cause amore mio, I don’t know about you, but I’m always in the mood for risotto.


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  1. Adrianna, I love this post, not only because of your simply effortless style, but because of all those fabulous photos of the sights you featured that I experienced two summers ago and reminisce each time I needed a boost. Thank you for capturing the best of Tuscany. Will there be more? Please say yes!

  2. This year I was in Italy for the first time. I fell in love with this country from the first moment. The people’s mentality, openness, meetings in small cafes, delicious coffee and croissants, ice cream and climate cities and towns are wonderful. I will definitely not stay one more time and next visit to Tuscania. You created a sensational post from a beautiful photo shoot.
    Have a nice day.

  3. AMO ITALIA! Como bien dices creo que ese rincón de Europa que nos puede recordar en tantos sentidos a nuestro querido México: la relación estrecha con la comida, el escándalo y la figura de la mamma y la familia jaja!
    Ya me dieron ganas de ir a Florencia con estas fotos, fui hace como diez años así que ya ni me acuerdo! Prometo que uno de los próximos viajes será por estos lugares 😉
    Gracias por la dosis de inspiración, ¿al final no te compraste el bolsito que mostraste en Stories? jaja

    1. Ay es verdad, Pablo! Olvidé mencionar la figura (y la autoridad) que tiene la madre en ambas culturas.
      El bolsito al final no lo compré porque no le cabía mi iPhone :'( un error de diseño de la marca, por supuesto y para el precio no pretendía tener el teléfono todo el día en la mano jaja.
      Sí, ve cuando puedas! Verás que bonito y qué bien se come. Los italianos se las saben todas! Yo ya quiero regresar pero al sur esta vez 🙂

  4. Sinceramente a el que no le den ganas de visitar Italia con este post, es para darle un par de tortazos bien dados por que madre mía… entre la comida, los lugares mágicos y lo bella que vas, no hay por donde perderse!
    Qué ganas de vacaciones ya!
    Un besote mi bella Adri!