Mediterranean Cruise


They say life under the sea is better than anything up here, they also say the best experiences are those you don’t plan, the ones that lack of expectations and, therefore, fill you with surprises not even your best abilities could have achieve for. That was our experience when cruising for the first time.

Although our invitation was focused into enjoying the music, the good company and the unlimited use of the facilities, after we celebrated a musical festival just a few days before, we decided to make our adventure the most hedonist one (and a bit decadent, to be honest) on board of a cruise that would take us from Barcelona to Ibiza and Séte.


9:00 Continental breakfast
with the bluest view…

Waking up with the first rays of sunlight, far from any urbanization noise except for the narcotic rhythm of the Mediterranean waves, it’s nothing but a unique experience, one that, surprisingly, we didn’t expect from a cruise. To realise that there’s nothing else for you to do except have breakfast, soak in sunscreen and letting yourself go on adventures with Hemingway on a book, it’s one of the most liberating sensations I’ve enjoyed in a while, especially if you’re a workaholic. There’s no wifi here (unless you pay), and the possible incoming calls from the office are so limited the only thing you can do is to laugh about them while thinking tomorrow the office will remain standing.

in this photo –
Tom Ford sunglasses,
La Roche Posay Invisible Spray
SPF50, Dolce & Gabbana bikini top,
La Roche Posay Serozinc Face Toner.



10:00-18:00 Soak in the sun, love, read, play. Time is non-existent.


This is the first post of a trilogy on which I’ll tell you about our ephemera but valuable getaways to small points of the Mediterranean you need to visit if you’re within the area, whether you let yourself get hypnotize by the cruising experience or do it by airplane. Because it’s officially summer and everything is doable.

21:00 Watch the sunset while
thinking “What day is it again?”

Fake Leather was a guest on board of Shipsomnia.
This post is not sponsored but services were provided in exchange.
All opinions & creative content are my own.


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  1. Great blog post! I love it that it is not only me talking about the beauties of Mediterranean! The sun, the sea, the air, everything is special here. Have you bathed in the sea? It is simply mesmerising and magical.

    1. Hi babe, thanks for commenting. Yes I had! I’m actually not very found of bathing in the Mediterranean because it’s very, very salty. Mexican beaches are way better, tho 🙂 xx