One Day in Ibiza


What can I say about the island of Ibiza that wasn’t written, sung, said or lived already. This single island has probably more history than America itself, and it cannot be summarized in a single post, let alone in a one day visit.

Most likely and just like me, you know about Ibiza by its fame of uncontrolled party scene, home of famous DJ’s and summer paradise for celebrities. Well, that’s what I have been told about it. Now, let me tell you about the other side of the island that’s not so well known because it’s way less profitable, but not any less charming.

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Forget about the preconceived image of Ibiza you had if you haven’t visited it yet, prepare yourself with comfortable clothes and lots of sunscreen. Go and rent a motorcycle for 45 euros a day and feel like you’re in your own low budget film, the kind where italians go and visit Spain for the first time in order to change their pasta and risotto habits for seafood and a slice of greixonera.

A motorcycle and a small tank of gasoline is all you need in order to visit the not-so-hidden treasures of Ibiza, the charming creeks that sponsor all the blue sea, sand and visions of castles in the distance surrounded by green landscapes.

However, so much green is actually obscured by the amount of blue you will encounter in your visit. No matter where you see, you won’t be able to ignore all the perfect landscapes filled in shades of blue that you will feel the urge to take with your phone, without counting the added value of the charm of the old town, where drinking a glass of wine is as comforting as it is cheap. No one said Ibiza it’s just party, that’s only a minuscule part of the beauty that will remain in your skin as memories in the shape of a tan.

What it’s well said about Ibiza is that one day won’t be enough in order to get to know it, but enough to make you fall in love. So I hope for a new opportunity to visit it again, rent a motorcycle and create the second part of my low budget film a la italiana.

to be continued…


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