How can someone explain in a single post the city that meets charm, love, art, food, fashion, architecture and the desire to stay forever in it. Conclusion: you can’t. How can I explain you and, in a big part, convince you to skip your Christmas presents and save up to spend a few days in Paris if you haven’t done it yet. Conclusion: it’s a must experience in your life.
in this look –
Zara hat (similar here),
Antony Morato sweater,
Stradivarius leather jacket,
H&M earrings & skirt,
Chloé Faye handbag,
Sigerson Morrison booties

Paris is a city that has been talked about to the point you might get sick of it, and every aspect of it has been exploited so much that the word cliché could easily be exclusively parisian, and you may think that after so many books, poems, movies and paintings, the city probably won’t be as shocking as people tell you it’s going to be. Oh, how wrong I was.

The Eiffel Tower, the croissants, the espressos at every terrace that locals occupied even when it was raining. The Notre-Dame, the foie gras, the luxury boutiques, the macarons, the champagne accompanied with a crêpe, the art from the Louvre museum which deservers to be seen completely (and not only the Venus of Milo and/or the Gioconda). The vintage magazine stands, the Moulin Rouge and another coffee, because at this point you’re pretty much exhausted and yet, still filled with emotion to see more of the city.

in this look –
Zara hat (similar here),
Antony Morato sweater,
Stradivarius leather jacket,
H&M earrings & skirt,
Chloé Faye handbag

One thing I can warn you: the fourth days and a half my friend and I were in the city weren’t enough to visit everything, although that seems pretty obvious and despite from waking up religiously at 8 a.m. with 3°C, time goes by crazy fast when you stop at every corner to take photos, contemplate the astonishing architecture and visit every boutique that you won’t find back home.

Luckily, and thanks to the fact that Paris is a very international city, you can easily ride the metro, local people are super nice (thanks to the lady who showed us the right way in the metro, even when we didn’t ask) and many people speak both spanish and english. Still, we made our own efforts to practice the three french phrases we had under the sleeve, and we went from thinking that au revoir was the hardest phrase in history, to the guttural sound ‘ghhr’ leaving easily our throat after just two days of repeatedly hearing it.

Ok, here’s another warning: you’ll fall in love. Whether from the food, the people, the fashion, the architecture or the city in general. So, read me carefully for a moment, reorganice your priorities, buy a ticket to Paris, stay in an inexpensive B&B and contemplate the idea that you don’t need to eat in expensive restaurants to enjoy the gastronomy. Walk a lot, try to speak a bit of french (remember to exaggerate the sound ‘ghhr’ on your throat), discard your preconceived ideas about Paris and be ready to fall in love. À bientôt, Paghree!

Photos of Adriana by Danh Lastra
All the remaining photos are by Adriana Gastélum.


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  1. Una cuidad como Paris cuesta describirla, pero sin duda lo haz hecho a la perfección, mi bella Adriana.
    Yo volvería ir una y cien veces, por que nada es suficiente con esa cuidad llena de luz y magia en cada rincón que enamora perdidamente.
    Ayyyyy si yo sabía que estas fotos iban a ser amor del bueno, como todas tus fotos básicamente, pero ya con Paris de fondo es un next level!
    Un abrazo bella de bellas,

  2. Adriana, Paris is such a beautiful place on earth.
    I’ll follow your advice for sure. This year, i’m saving on christmas gift, for going to Paris in 2017.
    Love all your pics, and impressions. As always, i must say.
    Have a wonderful week.