Watermelon 🍉


Every creative person is probably tired of the question “Where does your inspiration comes from?”. At least I, and in a very personal way, find quite difficult to answer a question that practically gives away the formula of my work. It’s also hard to structure an answer when most of the times you aren’t aware of where your ideas are coming from.

And yet, sometimes it’s easy and literal. Sometimes we create things after a long process of conceptualisation and some days it’s just an idea you got after using your phone. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I got my inspiration for this attire while I was in the subway texting, and among letters, Facebook gifs and some of my favorite emojis, I had the idea to create this editorial that’s actually not very original, and much of a cliché. We could easily summarise this post with 💃🏻🌿🍉👜and probably, someday in the future we will do so.


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  1. I do think some of the best inspirations come into being as though by a moment of creative magic and BOOM! You’re inspired and are on your way to realizing your vision. Love the tropical vibes on this shoot and your bamboo bag! 😀 x
    PS: Once, I was inspired by the alien emoji and did a jewelry inspo post on earrings shaped as ETs. True story LOL 😀