As if it were some kind of social scam, we went from enjoying Christmas with the only concern of behaving well and receiving the gift that we longed for, to live stressed every time December arrives. Times in which we weren’t aware of the value of money or the shock that our parents had every time we handed them our letter to Santa, became days of running around from one place to another looking for the perfect gift for each one of our relatives and close friends, making us forget about our personal needs most of the time.

So, we decided to move away from the conventional gift guides you can find all over the net and we propose a list to make your 2019 the best year of your life gifting yourself things that we often take for granted but that our parents no longer provide for us. Because the best thing about being an adult is being able to make your own decisions and buy whatever you want with your own money (in the smartest way, of course).

PERSONAL CARE / We firmly believe that personal care is the basis of a healthy life, both physicaly and mentaly. By practicing it, we start to cultivate feelings of self-esteem and personal strength, leaving behind the negative feelings we have had about ourselves or that we may have in the future. Many of us believe that: “If nothing hurts, it must be because I’m healthy“, when many diseases remain silent until they manage to weaken us.

In this list we suggest you to gift yourself things like a visit to the gynaecologist, maybe a session with a psychologist if you have gone through a difficult moment this year; an appointment with the dermatologist as well as a new skincare routine if the current one isn’t working for you. If you feel tired and you don’t know the reason, maybe a consultation with a nutritionist could clarify your doubts or the membership to the gym, pilates or yoga classes that you have been swearing for years that you will get. If you lack motivation, a new sport clothing set can help you get off the couch and do something for your body and mind. There is no better gift for yourself than health!

ORGANISATION / It’s only normal that you haven’t started your projects if you’re constantly forgetting your keys, if because of a lost shoe you arrive late to work or forget that very important network meeting because you didn’t write it down in your planner. Organising day-to-day, either in a physical or digital planner, helps us to maintain a more peaceful and stress-free life, while increasing your energy since you won’t wear out planning everything at the last minute.

For this list we propose a nice planner that fits the size of your bag so you can take it with you (or, failing that, start to take advantage of the calendars of your smartphone or Google Calendars). A notebook at hand will help you to remember spontaneous ideas, from what you’re missing in the cupboard to an idea for an outfit, write them down and you will not forget them! In addition, we suggest you ask your friend to help you organise your closet / house / kitchen instead of asking for a physical gift. Don’t forget to clean your computer’s hard drive, too!

You do not need more space to store, what you need are less things.” – Geralin Thomas

FOR THE SOUL (AND MIND) / There are immaterial things that enrich us and that we often leave in the background. A trip to a new city or a country that you haven’t visited yet is a gift that will not only help you grow as a person, but will also expand your preconceived ideas of the world. A language course to improve the one you never finished studying, the one you want to perfect or the one you need in your job to ask for that desired salary increase, or a course to learn new things or strengthen skills that you already have such as pastry, administration, writing, etc.

What if this Christmas instead of giving away another perfume you gift yourself a quality moment with your friends? A spa evening, a dinner or a new experience with them will fill you more emotionally than another knitted sweater.

In addition, we couldn’t leave books aside. You know, those we used to read before the Internet came with PDFs we never finished because kitty memes are extremely distracting. They’re the best way to travel and learn if a course or a trip is out of your budget. Our recommendations that should be in your library:

SHANGHAI BABY by Wei Hui / A cult novel whose author’s native country prohibited. Wei Hui tries to create a new definition of what it means to be a Chinese woman in the 21st Century.

VAGINA by Naomi Wolf / Understanding and loving your sex openly is one of the healthiest things we can learn to do as women.

THE WILD WOMAN’S WAY by Michaela Boehm / A guide that teaches us to live a more balanced life, without having to choose between a successful career, romantic relationships or the pleasures that life offers us.

LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK by Rebecca Campbell /  A book full of inspiration to learn to live with courage and thus be able to attend to the calls of your soul.

ON EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE by the Harvard Business Review / A compilation of 10 articles on emotional intelligence that will help you understand your strengths, weaknesses and needs by developing your emotional agility.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso / Yes, this is very cliché, but despite that and the scandals about his administration in NastyGal, no one can doubt that Sophia is one of the most important business women of our generation and you need to read it if you haven’t yet. A book that will help you to believe in yourself, to learn from your mistakes and to give shape and structure to your dreams with work and dedication.



Here you go, our complete gift guide which you can and deserve to gift yourself this 2019 to make of your life a well-rounded one (and if you also need the classic gifts like a perfume or a knitted sweater, go ahead, we also wouldn’t ask for the return receipt 😉 ).


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    1. Hi Amy, we’re so pleased you enjoyed it! That’s what this list is for, inspiring you to reward yourself with a little or big, well deserved gift!

      Wishing you the best for this holiday season,

      Monica 💖

  1. I love this! Couldn’t agree more to what’s written here. I do practice self-care from time to time and recognized it as something very important regardless if it’s the holiday season or not. My favorite is reading a book and doing nothing. haha
    I should look into the book recommendations here! Gracias guapas!

    1. Hi Tin, we also love books + doing absolutely nothing haha. Self-care is often misunderstood for selfishness but we believe it’s important for our personal health. When we’re healthy & happy we’re capable of help others. Gracias a ti 🙂