On contrary to Ibiza, where everything has already been sung, told, written and lived, Sète is the other side of the coin. What’s in Sète? I said out loud in the office asking for tips or any signal of what to do -or at least- eat in the city of the french coast.

I only got one answer from an office that’s occupied for more than ten people that love traveling, eating and whose suitcases are always ready for new adventures, and it was from a coworker who used to live in that area of France. “It’s small but gorgeous. As always when you go to France, you gotta eat a crêpe and because it will be a weekend visit, strolling by the canal is a must”.


They call it the french Venice, and I believe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but because I still haven’t been in Venice I’m not totally sure. A small coastal city which was our third visit point onboard of Shipsomnia, the relaxed sunny afternoon after three days of non-stop music all the passengers and tribulation were looking for.

I did what they told me; I ate a crêpe, I walked by the canal, I laid by the sun in good company for a drink, and from nowhere, a sport show of a medieval quality started right by the canal: two boats manned by at least ten men each, using some kind of big and large sticks I haven’t taken the care to search for their name, starting to throw each other at the water. The stronger was left standing, and the whole spectacle repeated over and over again until the boat was sans hommes. Medieval quality, no doubt.

That’s how I summarize Sète: small, gorgeous, quiet, sunny and unexpected. Yes, of course this isn’t Paris or Lyon, but I believe its warm and simple charm deserves a visit to eat a crêpe (or two, I don’t judge).


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