Pink was never my favorite color. Although my favorite Power Ranger growing up was the pink one, I always preferred Teresa instead of Barbie (my latino background was always calling me) and my doll’s car was red instead of pink, I’ve always have had some sort of connotation to the color, especially because I’m a woman (surprise!).

Right after I had enough age to decide what I wanted to wear I escaped from the pink laces my mother and grandmother used to bury me in and I focused on dark, neutral colors. That didn’t last long, as I was immersed in Japanese fashion and the Lolita chapter began in my life, I found myself buried in pink laces again.

Pink was never a chic color for me, it was always the cheesy, the easy to match (because I thought any pink would look good on anyone) and the sweet kind of vision you want to have from a little girl who hasn’t had her period yet. I felt especially reluctant to any powder, lighter version of pink as my olive skin tone doesn’t looks its best when I wear it, so I wanted to give the leadership of this editorial to the blushed versions of the color I once hated when I sold all my Lolita dresses a decade ago. Never say never, girls.

Pink is chic, pink is strong and powerful. It gives a message of boldness passion when we use it to raise awareness. Wear it, love it, hate it, tear it, match it, neutralize it or ignore it. You cannot stop it.

this photo –
Glamorous dotted & laced
top, Arxé chest harness,
Purificación García trousers
this photo –
Zara faux shearling jacket,
Meli Melo Art Bag



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  1. Love these looks on you- especially since you picked warmer pinks that compliment you beautifully. I’m a huge pink and blush fan, but can definitely see why it turns some people off. To each their own 🙂

    1. Thank you, Silvia! It was hard to find these colors tho, most of the pinks in fashion are cold-toned, which look good on blondes. I totally understand you love pink, I felt so powerful wearing it! Although my favorite color for clothes is red 🙂 xx