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Again and again, just as autumn was getting closer each year, I knew I wanted to put together a post of my favorite lipsticks to create the vampy look, and for reasons unknown (lost post-its and some of the biggest brain farts ever) I never did. Seriously, this WordPress post is a draft from 2015. Heh.


Sexy, addictive, unexpected and quite honestly, high maintenance are the lips that were baptised as vampy by some magazine I don’t know and I don’t intend to invent. I, however, do know that to achieve the perfect vampy lip the acknowledge of your skin tone is highly needed. Are you more yellow-ish or olive like me? Warm tones will suit you best, those that include a lot of red in them. Or are you more like cold toned? This is when silver jewelry looks great on you, so you need to find the lipstick on a more purple shade. While this look is ideal for certain occasions and special nights, I also find that, depending on the finish of your product, you can easily evolve it from day to night.

Wearing –
Holika Holika Bloody Oil
Tint in RD801, Zara shirt
(old, similar here),
Essie Wicked nail polish


Perfect for everyday, due to its low maintenance and gradual fading, you don’t need to be careful with it. My favorites are Tony Moly Liptone in Dark Night and Holika Holika Bloody Oil Tint in RD801, because obviously, no one can make better tints than the Korean ones.


left –
Tony Moly Liptone in Dark Night, 
 Soft Matte Lip in Copenhagen,
MAC Media, Maybelline Color
Sensational Divine Wine, 
Holika Holika 
Bloody Oil Tint in
RD801, Gorjana rings


My favorite finish which, thanks to technology, is also one of the easiest to maintain. Personally, I believe it looks amazing for everyday (ok, maybe not so much for a lazy Sunday) but it’s a lipstick I like to carry with me just in case I have an unexpected plan. It’s easy to apply, easy to take care of and you’ll make an impression, guaranteed. There are a bunch on the market, but the best value for your money is Maybelline ColorSensational in Divine Wine.


Save this finish for special occasions, dinners or formal parties that allow you to retouch this lip, ’cause you’ll need to. To obtain the perfect finish apply two coats of a satin lipstick (my favorite is MAC Media) and finish it with a super shiny lipgloss. A dupe for this lipstick is NYX in Copenhagen.


Wearing – 
MAC Media + Lip gloss,
Zara turtleneck top




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  1. Adri bella!
    Primero decirte que si tu no eres fotogénica, yo me pincho los ojos con un tenedor!!!! Por que yo te veo más allá de lo bella en cada una de tus fotos!!!!! Ok, se que uno elige las mejores fotos… pero es que WOW!
    Y bueno, about your post, me chiflan este tipo de color de labios, y más para esta época del año en que me pongo más blanca de lo que ya soy (tirando a casi camuflarme con la nieve haha). A ver si logro pillar por aquí algunos de esos productos, heheh!
    Un beso mi bellísima Adriana!

    1. Ya quiero verte un vampy lip! Personalmente creo que queda bonito en toooodo mundo, no importa si la piel es muy blanca o muy oscura, con el tono correcto puede quedar muy chulo. Un beso, Paz 🙂 xx

  2. Me encantan los labios rojos… seguiré tus sugerencias!
    Personalmente creo que hay algunos tonos de rojo que pueden hacer que tus dientes se vean más amarillos, pero este tipo de tonalidad creo yo que puede quedar perfecto a todo tipo de pieles, no?
    Bueno como sea, empezare a probar esto de las tintas 😉