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Since the day I was born and along several movings during my short lifespan including a continent, I just realised I’ve never lived far away from the sea. It’s not my main destination when it comes to long holidays (unless it’s free, then sign me up) but I always appreciate to have a beach near by. Maybe the fact that my name comes from the Adriatic Sea has something to do with it, ’cause according to the Internet’s enciclopedia Adriana is a woman sent by the sea. Ok, maybe these beliefs aren’t solid enough. Maybe I’ve lived near the water all my life because of a series of fortunate events and that’s it.


in this photo –
OMEGA Aqua Terra 150m,
amt studio acrylic trench coat, pearl earrings, Prof
velvet boots

When OMEGA contacted me to participate in their #SeamasterAquaTerra campaign, they asked me to reinterpret the meaning of their Seamaster Collection, which has been around since 2002. Fifteen years later, it has evolved to become one of OMEGA’s quintessential pieces. With that kind of history and living from a fifteen minute walk of the beach, I knew from the very beginning my reinterpretation couldn’t be a cliché one, especially when it comes to represent the design and precision of the Aqua Terra watch.

So, we choose Barcelona’s Parc del Fòrum, a place you might know if you are into Europe’s biggest music festivals, or if you are into modern architecture at all. A place that grips its whole concept along the sea since the moment the first design was conceived, born from the necessity to connect the industry with the water. The middle-ground between urbanity and the Mediterranean Sea, always sunny and open, where you can keep your shoes on and feel the breeze between your fingers. A place where precise shapes meet the bluest skies and conclude in the sound of the waves on the horizon.

in this photo –
OMEGA Aqua Terra 150m,
Zara wide sleeves shirt, C/MEO
 belt, Chanel
vintage trousers

Keep a bit of the sea with you, with a keychain, an OMEGAwatch, within your first name, in a collection of useless seashells in a jar, a marine’s adventures book, with the pearls of your mom’s earrings or in the shape of a tan. We all belong to the sea one way or another.

This post is sponsored by OMEGA.
All opinions & creative content are my own.


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  1. Qué post tan refrescante e inspirador!
    Me gusta mucho como lograste hacer tuyo el estilo de esta colección de Omega, trasladándolo a tus propias vivencias. Me pasa como a ti, no es que me encante el mar, de hecho voy muy poco y aunque nací al lado creo que hasta me causa un poco de picor ponerme pasarme muchas horas en la arena jaja, prefiero las escapadas urbanas pero cuando viví en Ciudad de México y en Puebla extrañaba mucho ver el azul del agua. De hecho en la Ibero lo mejor eran las vistas a la parte de Playas de TIjuana!
    Como te dije en Instagram me encanta la locación que elegiste, le diste al clavo! 😀

    1. Hola Pablo, muchas gracias por tus análisis tan buenos! A mí también me pasó los 5 meses que viví en Guadalajara, ni estaba taaan lejos del mar pero no lo tenía a la vuelta. Voy poco, pero el saber que está ahí, o ver a gaviotas paseando (y robando comida) por la ciudad y que de repente te llegue un viento fresquito que sabes que viene directo de la playa, es una sensación de mucha tranquilidad. Besos!!

    1. Hi Ela, thank you so much for your thoughts. I’m so happy you loved the architecture and the jacket, it’s from a very talented local designer I appreciate a lot. He’s very into basics but this trench steals the show. xx