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Let’s start by saying that “going out” isn’t a phrase highly used in my vocabulary. Yes, I do love strolling around the city no matter the weather and there’s nothing that make me feel more alive than a night out to witness the sunrise at my terrace while I remove the shoes that by then feel like a very expensive torture device.

It’s also truth that, because of my job and my role within the millennial generation, I have to spend a considerable part of my day tied to a desk, and my goal at the end of the day is to differ the mood between a break or work hour, even if they’re done in the same place.

in this photo –
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay
A6, Zara mesh t-shirt (very
similar here), Zara velvet slip
dress (exact same one here)

Creating a multi-faceted and multi-room space with Bang & Olufsen is as easy as connecting your smartphone, computer or television to stylish wireless speakers, synchronising between each other to generate a unison environment in your home (yes, even next to your bathtub if you want to) or be able to play different music on each room. Perfectly blending with the design of your furniture or, if you feel more adventurous, standing out as if it were a piece of art. A luxurious tech detail that works with the touch of your hands and provides the mood change you need, depending on the time and day of the week.

The nights I spend out in the city will stay as my favorite part of the week, but there’s no tranquility or fun that music can’t offer you at home, especially when Bang & Olufsen has your back on both quality and design.

This post is sponsored by Bang & Olufsen.
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  1. Muy cierto cuando se trabaja en el mismo lugar que se descansa a veces es difícil diferenciar, y en mi caso acaba siempre trabajando en exceso.
    Me han encantado las fotos, tus outfits, y el texto se agradece entrar en un blog de moda y leer un texto como los tuyos.
    Un abrazo.