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a.k.a banana inherited skin

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who are born with the strong and resistant genes of orange skin and the ones who inherited genes from bananas. Yes, bananas. Sensitive to the sun, the dust, to the humidity or the lack of. Problematic skin which bruise and stains to the slight touch of a different pillow, your own hair or highly perfumed cosmetics.

I belong to the second group. I’m a banana. Every morning I wake up thinking on how much I’d like to and how much I could save if my genes were different, but after fighting so many years with acne and spots I’ve learned a thing or two about problematic skin and, thanks to a few requests on the comment section, I decided to share with you some of them on this post.

One of the main things I do for my skin and which I’ve commented before on an older post is that I don’t use tap water to wash my face, so I start every single morning with a cotton disc and BIODERMA to clean my face. No soap or water. I quickly apply generously the MISSHA essence made with ferments that will keep your skin soft and without those little bumps occasioned by dust or make-up. This essence literally saves my skin every time I have an allergic reaction to food or a new cosmetic, and it’s renowned too because you don’t need to use cotton in order to apply it, the palm of your hands and a tapping motion is recommended so you don’t waste any product on a cotton.

Then, and with the skin’s ph to its ideal point, I like to apply at least two serums in order to moisturise the face during the day. My skin type is a combo of oily and normal, and I find the use lightweight oils help to lower the oil production of my skin. Right now I’m using the GUERLAIN serum which is pretty lightweight and reaffirms the skin’s texture, but because it’s winter, I like to use a second one by CLARINS that leaves the skin dewy and nourished for the rest of the day. Of course, you don’t need to use two serums but because your skin stops producing collagen after turning twenty-five, serums that contain extracts and antioxidants are the perfect auxiliaries to nourish your face. When it comes to avoiding aging, it’s better (and cheaper) to prevent.

Finally (we’ll be over soon, I promise), I apply a CLARINS cream moisturiser (on summers I prefer the gel version as it’s lighter), a MARIE-STELLA-MARIS eye cream and lastly, and maybe the most important step in order to prevent spots and aging, a CLARINS sunscreen. The sun is not the enemy but long exposures to the ultra violent rays are the first cause of wrinkles and spots, and honestly, those can probably wait for me for another two decades or so.

To be continued. Next week I’ll share you my night time routine which is completely different and focused on regenerating new vibrant skin. ‘Til then, I invite you to comment below, how many steps does your skincare routine have? Some very dedicated koreans do daily routines of twelve steps but I’m not quite there (yet).

This post was NOT sponsored by any of the mentioned brands, some products were sent to me by PR
and have been tested for months before sharing for the sake of integrity.
All opinions & creative content are my own.


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    1. Hi Ela, oh no, my skin is far from perfect. Photoshop does wonders for when my skin is at a bad moment, usually once a month when my period comes :(. Glad you enjoyed it!

  1. Wow Me encanta la elegancia y delicadeza de tus posts de belleza, tu piel se ve hermosa Adriana <3 debo confesar que me siento en shock con que dices que sólo usas el agua micelar y no la potable, ni jabón, pero tal vez es un tip del que me estoy perdiendo jaja haré el intento, nada pierdo 😉
    Por cierto, veo tres productos que he usado con los que puedo corroborar 100% tu recomendación ¡los de Clarins!

    1. Hola Xaydy, muchas gracias 🙂 la verdad es que mi piel está lejos de ser lo que quiero pero poco a poco lo voy logrando. Sí! Intenta no usar agua de la llave en tu cara y solo agua micelar y verás cómo los granitos pequeñitos dejan de salir 🙂

  2. This is the first time I ever hear about not using tap water to wash your face. Is there a particular reason why? Love the post, besos guapa

    1. Hola Lízbeth! Well it totally depends on where you live. Barcelona’s tap water is very hard, it contains a lot of lime and it’s not very good on sensitive skin. It’s also quite hard on the hair but there’s not much I can do about it. Whenever I travel, especially in New York where the tap water is so clean and fresh, both my hair and skin get softer. How I’d like to take a few gallons with me haha
      You can read how I discovered tap water was destroying my face on this post:

      1. The same happens when I visit my hometown in Guanajuato. I’m usually oily skin and when I get back to the USA my face is usually dry for a couple weeks. I will be taking some micellar water on my next trip. Thank you

  3. La rutina de piel es algo que siempre me trae de cabeza. Al principio empiezo a usar una rutina y parece que me convence, pero al final las rojeces y los granitos acaban apareciendo de nuevo. Me voy a quedar con los productos que nos dices en este post, a ver si consigo hacerme con alguna muestra y probarlos. La crema hidratante de clarins tiene muy buena pinta, y el agua micelar de Bioderma llevo tiempo usándolo y me gusta mucho. Tengo ganas de ver también tu rutina de noche. Un saludo grande, Adriana!

    1. Hola nena, gracias por comentar como siempre! Entiendo perfectamente lo que dices, y hay una cosa que debemos tener en consideración: así como el metabolismo se ajusta a una rutina de ejercicio, la piel se acostumbra a los ingredientes de las cremas y los sueros, es por eso que es importante cada temporada cambiar un poco (no todo, pero uno o dos productos) para dejar a la piel descansar. Por ejemplo, en mi rutina de noche yo uso un peeling que si usase diario dejaría de tener efecto en mi piel, ya les contaré más pronto 😉

  4. I have oily-combination skin but I’m pretty sure my skin could take recommendations from your oily-normal skin, right? I think so…
    By the way I use Missha Time Revolution essence and it’s my favourite! When I went to Seoul I told a salesperson working in Missha that I love the essence and then asked her if I should give the night version a go but she surreptitiously shook her head. Gotta love it when salespeople are being completely honest!
    I wonder if you remember recommending me Missha’s Perfect Cover BB cream? I did buy it and I LOVE it, I use it allll the time, the texture is beautiful. The closest shade for me is a bit ashy on me so I mix it with a warmer foundation, but it really is worth the hassle.
    I use Korean beauty steps too and I don’t count the steps but there is definitely a lot more steps than what most of my friends and family care to do. Looking forward to reading your night time routine! xo

    1. Hi Liyana, thanks for commenting as always! Yes, all the products I use I recommend for combo skin as well. We have the most difficult skin type so I feel you, sister!
      Thanks for letting me know about the night time version of the essence, I was thinking about getting it too but it’s so expensive I was having doubts haha. The normal version and the moist one are incredible!
      Yes, I totally remember recommending the BB Cream from Missha, it’s also my favorite for daily too. At this moment the shade 27 is a bit too dark for me so I also mix it with a lighter foundation haha oh, the things we do for beauty.
      I’ll work on my night time routine, so stay tuned babe 🙂 have a great day!