How to Effortlessly Chic



in collaboration with Zelle Studio 

in this look –
Zelle Studio Vela Gilet,
Zara ruffled top, Shein high
waisted culottes, Zara white
mules, Salvatore Ferragamo
Jody bag, Zisanzo watch

In neutrals & layers
we trust…

Neutral colors in not-so-basic pieces are one of the keys to achieve the effortless chic look. While it’s true that there’s nothing classier than a white shirt and a black blazer, the evolution of these garments into modern silhouettes (in this case, a long waistcoat by Zelle Studio instead of the everyday blazer) brings a visual interest which goes out of the ordinary and, at the same time, blends perfectly with the everyday pieces we all have in our wardrobes. 70% classic + 30% fashion.

Statement pieces are worth
a thousand basics…

After stocking up on basic and not-so-basic pieces, it’s time to add statement pieces to elevate the outfit from a normal to a special one. Think of those shoes, bags and jewelry pieces you think you wouldn’t wear everyday, but with the proper neutral garments like this dress from Zelle Studio you can take them from day to night in the blink of an eye. Find a design that fits your style and get a few to make it your personal seal (in my case, shoulder bags and mules).

in this look –
Zelle Studio Trish ‘Play’
sweatshirt, XOXO jumpsuit
worn as trousers, Matter
Matters clutch, Rebecca
 nude sandals,
GAP menswear belt
Don’t be afraid to play…
Mixing high end and high street pieces, from local designers or international brands; menswear mixed with womenswear or fabrics and textures that weren’t created for the everyday wear; don’t be afraid to mix and match, create new silhouettes keeping a flattering proportion for your body and adding some color along the way. Your goal is to turn around people’s faces and to receive comments such as “I never thought you could mix wide trousers with a neoprene sweatshirt“, or something along that line. This amazing sweatshirt is, by the way, from Zelle Studio. Time to play!

This post is sponsored by Zelle Studio
All opinions and creative content are my own.


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  1. Fan número uno del concepto del primer outfit, los colores neutros otorgan ese toque chic.

    El segundo look no me resulta nada atractivo. Y el tercero es atrevido y sublime a la vez.

    ¡Feliz semana!