Fashion is an ubiquitous part of our daily lives. We consume it incessantly, from fast and cheap to slow and sustainable, even if you’re not a fashionista. We get told by fashion magazines, catwalks, bloggers and Youtubers which pieces are must-haves if we want to be on trend. So much so that it can sometimes feel like this all engrossing industry is trying to own us when it should be exactly the other way around.

Because, who wants to be simply “on trend” when we can be excited, inspired, liberated and happy with our wardrobe choices? When did having fun become counterculture in the world of fashion?

Growing up in a country where women pay attention to their looks and having an incredibly stylish mother, fashion was always a part of my life. Naturally, I’ve had my ups and downs in my relationship with my body, my personal image and my personal style. But I now feel more confident and at ease with how I express myself through fashion than ever before. I finally started seeing its fun, playful side, and started experimenting with it more.

I came to the conclusion, after overcoming my insecurities, that we should all dare to have fun with fashion and let our personalities shine through our style because fashion is here to serve us. Period. There’s a reason fashion victims are called like that- and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to project itself as a victim in any way, but by allowing fashion to swallow us whole that is exactly what we can become. Nothing and no one should be allowed to stifle our creativity and our zest for expressing ourselves, and while being aware of trends and incorporating them judiciously into our daily looks is absolutely great, they don’t run our lives.

Putting an outfit together should bring us joy. I strongly believe that when you get dressed, you should feel like doing a little dance at how you look. And yes, nobody feels like making the effort to look spick and span 24/7. But whenever we feel like dressing up a bit, our wardrobes should be our allies, not an anxiety. So going by Marie Kondo‘s words, if a piece doesn’t spark joy, out it goes. And while I’m not a minimalist in any other way, this is one rule I absolutely go by. It’s helped me curate my wardrobe and keep only the pieces that deserve to be there.

Having fun with fashion can also improve our self-confidence. The way we understand and consume fashion undeniably has a cultural component. Peer pressure is still a real thing, especially in our formative years, and it can be a slippery slope. Even in our grown-up society we have it-girls who dictate what we should look like, but the truth of it is no two people in this world can look, think and act exactly the same. So why mimic someone else’s choices when we can put that kind of confidence in ourselves? I can honestly say I’ve never regretted trusting my own instincts- regarding style or other situations of my life!

Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone with the things we wear can also spark our imagination in other areas. Fashion is inspired by all aspects of our lives: from the people we interact with, to the places we travel, the movies we see and the books we read. I for one love getting sartorial inspiration from art albums, reinterpreting a photograph’s mood or a painting’s colours.


And finally, I believe that fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I feel there is something so liberating in knowing that you can put an outfit together without overthinking it. Sure, you could end up absolutely rocking it, or it could be a disaster. But guess what, it’s all part of the game! Our style evolves with us, and with it, so do our fashion choices. And I can say that experimenting with new items I never thought I could enjoy has been key in my style journey.

Allowing ourselves to have more fun with fashion can feel like a daunting effort at first. It requires time and attention dedicated to ourselves, and it means questioning the ways we sometimes get conditioned into believing we need to be, look and dress, but once you break that ceiling and see how much freedom and happiness true power of expression brings, you won’t look back!


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