Following with the sustainable fashion topic, under the excessive consumption of fashion that we live today and the ironic lack of information we have about the production of the garments we wear, it’s time for our generation to inform themselves and value the history behind each garment before we hang it on our closet.

Pieces made locally in a sustainable way that will not only give work to your community, but that move away from the boring and gray designs commonly found in sustainable brands*. These brands will not join the long queues of discounts in order to empty their stocks and refill their hangers with another fad trend. Its objective is to create timeless pieces for today and tomorrow.


*Except for the shoes in these looks. Also, did you know Jacquemus’ bags are made in Spain?


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  1. Thank you for this eye-opener article. Hope to see more sustainable fashion clothing made well such as these! Your content always give me food for thought!

  2. Your photos are always amazing, but this time you outdid yourself. Bravo for the quality, bravo for the poses, bravo for the location, and above all, bravo for the designs. I would wear every single piece for years!