Why I stopped washing my face


If my skincare routine had an ally, micellar water would be my shield bearer 
and tap water would be the enemy with
the malicious smile


Oh, I know what you might be thinking: “This girl just got crazy and started to pile up her makeup, gross”. Yes and no. Yes, I’m crazy because this probably has been around for decades and while I know no one who has stopped washing her face, I’m not crazy because changing your tap water for micellar water does wonders to your sensitive skin. It really works.

I have always had sensitive skin, you guys are probably tired of reading the same story. I grew up with acne and it’s now controlled, but a few months back I started to get small pimples and rashes, more like an allergy than acne, really. So I changed everything: moisturisers, toners, my bed sheets, shampoos, foundations, sponges and just everything that had some sort of contact with my face. Nothing worked, I was desperate to find a solution.

On my trip to France a few weeks ago, I stopped at one of their fancy but super affordable pharmacies, grabbed the so acclaimed Bioderma Micellar water hoping some french potion would help my skin. I used it to remove my make up, then washed my face but I was still getting some pretty bad rashes, and the feeling of scratching my face was getting worse by the day.

So one night, I decided to simply use the Bioderma micellar water with cotton pads to clean my face and nothing else. Because it removes everything, from the waterproof mascara to the driest lipstick (Ruby Woo, I love you but I hate you) I didn’t need to use a face soap. The results? No more pimples, no more rashes. My skin went back to its soft and natural texture.

So what if you can’t visit France in order to get it? Bioderma is still available in Spain but waaay overpriced. Nope, not for me. I looked up online and found a cheaper and equally amazing alternative: the Garnier Micellar water.

The years have taught me how bad is tap water for your sensitive skin, not only I have stopped using it on my face but I also diminished the times I wash my hair to twice per week. If you have changed your whole skincare routine, your bed sheets, stopped eating gluten (yeah, I also thought maybe gluten had something to do with my skin condition) and pretty much all your life in order to recover your beautiful skin, try to stop washing your face with tap water, and maybe just use it to wash the dishes and water your flowers.


This post is NOT sponsored by any brand. 
This is only my personal experience and honest recommendation.


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  1. Llevo años usando Bioderma y es excelente – pero si, el precio se ha duplicado ! No sabía que Garnier tenía una. Que buena opción-

    1. Hola Lorena, me siento un poco tonta por no haber sabido nunca lo que es el agua micelar (deberían darte una clase en la escuela o algo así) pero sí! busca la de Garnier, para mi es igual de buena y a una fracción del precio 😉

  2. Oh my! I thought I was the only one who also noticed this big change on my skin! I completely agree on using micelar water for those with really sensitive skin. It has changed my skins life. I’ve been wanting to try the garnier one, but it’s always sold out 😏.

    1. Hi Karen, you should definitely keep trying, it’s all worth it because I really see no difference from the Bioderma one, except for the price 😀 xx

  3. El agua micelar si que hace maravillas! De mis favoritos de siempre para desmaquillarme está el agua micelar de petalos de rosas de Nuxe (te lo super recomiendo!), que además de quitar las impurezas me deja el rostro muuuuuy hidratado; hasta hace poco me vi tentada a probar el agua micelar de Bioderma, que también debo de admitir me encantó el resultado en el rostro y ahora que me dices voy a probar esta de Garnier!! A ver que tal 😀

    1. Génesis, si te gustó la de Bioderma seguro que te encanta la de Garnier, yo es que no noto ninguna diferencia (el precio nada más jeje). Ahora que estoy súper obsesionada con las aguas micelares voy a poner a probar varias, incluyendo la de Nuxe si la encuentro por acá 😉 x

  4. Bioderma is truly the best micellar water in my opinion, and the Garnier one is a great cheaper version of it. Lucky me I live in France so I have access to it at an affordable price but I find it quite expensive in some pharmacies (I wonder how much it costs in Spain if the French version is cheaper ahah).
    I think I might try to stop washing my face with tap water even thoug it feels so good to have a splash of fresh cold water on as a final touch after applying the micellar water… Thanks for the tips! xoxo

  5. What do you use for your hair in between washes? I ask because my hair tends to get oily in between washes and I really do not like to put much on my hair. I do that to prevent product build up.

    1. I use a bit of dry shampoo. My favorite is Batiste 🙂 My hair was super oily as well, but the more you stop washing it the less oil your scalp produces 😉

  6. Hi, Adriana!
    I’ve been using a micellar water-based makeup remover from L’Oreal, but is that really enough? I use a cleanser for acne and moisturizer after removing my makeup, but maybe I should skip the cleanser and just remove my makeup with the micellar water and moisturize? What do you think?


    1. Hola Marielisa! 🙂

      I think that will depend on your condition, I’ve read and experienced myself that some acne cleansers can be harsh on the skin, making it dry, less translucent and elastic.
      I believe I haven’t seen yet the micellar water from L’Oreal you’re talking about, but check the label, does it say you don’t need to rinse it after using it? Mine from Bioderma and Garnier label it as “no rinse with water needed”.

      I say, give it a try. Remove your make-up only with micellar water for a week, apply your night routine as usual. In the mornings, “wash” your face with micellar water on a cotton-pad again, you’ll see how much dirt and oil our skin produces at night!

      Let me know if it works, I have tested my tap water again and it was so bad on my skin again, so I definitely will recommend everyone to stop using cleansers and tap water everyday (maybe once a week?) but that’s my personal experience 😉


  7. So you only use Micellar? I’m gonna only use it cause I agree that tap water sucks here especially in the states and moisturizer clogs me up or makes me sticky.

    1. Hi Shy, so, recently I started to use a cleansing oil to remove my mascara and then I use micellar water. I don’t use soap on my face as it feels it’s very drying. I do recommend you to moisturise no matter what skin type you are. Maybe you need a gel moisturiser instead of cream? 🙂

  8. Hey so if i dont Moisturize after would it affect my skin. I’m planning on just using this to my face and that’s all. Also was thinking about just splashing cold water after applying it? What do you think? I’m a Male btw so i dont Use makeup . Just sweat a lot