It’s been 8 years since Instagram has brought advantages and disadvantages to all of us who wish to devote ourselves to art. Although it’s an immense and free platform offering the possibility of connecting people and creating synergies, it’s also a way some people have found to pay their bills and, therefore, some of them have ended up focusing on a formula to make their account grow exponentially. No one said it was illegal, but within the formulas and the undoubted search for fame, we have ended up with hundreds of accounts that could easily be by the same owner: same clothes, same preset, same style. Instagram is no longer that of 2010, when posting 3 megapixel photos with vintage frames of doubtful taste was the norm, now it’s the most monetized platform in the digital world and, therefore, the one that has most strived into selling us the same fashion stereotype.

However, aside from those hundreds of almost-cloned accounts, there are still women without fear of betting on something different; women who dare to come out of the 1 + 2 = 3 boring formula and offer the breath of fresh air the platform so badly needs. These are some of my favorite Instagram accounts that still dare to have fun with fashion, without taking it too seriously.



Have you ever believed some colors can’t be used within the same outfit? Marta from @thestylethesaurus breaks the limits of color theory and proposes unique, colorful outfits that will not hurt your pocket. While it’s true that her skin tone is ideal to sport all the colors of the rainbow, her combinations are limitless and you’ll definitely find the inspiration you need in order to finally match that sweater you still haven’t worn yet.



Asha from @mscoffeeandcream is a Californian girl without fear of trying new things. Intense reds, neons, animal prints, and iconic pieces are part of her arsenal, as well as an iPhone and a tripod with which she takes her own photos. Asha not only has the longest pair of legs on Instagram, but an unlimited creativity while expressing her desire to empower the female gender with the use of silhouettes, shapes and poses.

Photos by Qjin &
Qwon from @q2han


Qjin and Qwon are two of my favorite Youtubers. The twins @q2han are part of the recent boom that South Korean fashion and beauty has had over the world and they go by the ideology that there’s no budget or creativity limit when it comes to fashion with $30 dollars outfits, do it yourself tutorials, vintage shopping and more. Their Instagram account is a clear reflection of their originality and is written primarily in English, as well as their Youtube channel.



Who says long dresses are only for special occasions and that you can’t wear them if you’re not tall? Krystal banishes these old ideas being, in my opinion, the best dressed in the whole island of Manhattan. Her style, although polished and always careful to detail, reminds us that it’s not necessary to wait for a special occasion to wear our favorite dress and that we can have our own Sex & The City moment any day of the week.

Lastly, and as an extra, I would like to include a couple of accounts founded by women who provide unique and distinctive pieces in the world of fashion: @katmaconie and @mattermatters are two brands that are not only not afraid to play with colors, shapes, sizes and formats but, in addition, they’re two brands that have supported GADRIANA since day one. So, give them a follow! 😉



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  1. I’ve been following Krsytal Bick for a while now, I LOVE her style. After reading this post I started following @thestylethesaurus, thanks to you! I love so many Instagram accounts – obviously your account is one of my faves too, Adriana <3. Some others I love include: @findingpaola, @designlovefest, @missenocha, @jennymwalton, @honeynsilk.

    xo, Liyana | Affordorable

    1. Thanks for sharing your favorite IG accounts, Liyana! I definitely loved @findingpaola and @jennymwalton but I immediately followed @honeynsilk, such a gorgeous account! <3
      Krystal Bick also writes really well, I recommend you to read her blog in case you haven't yet 😉 xx

  2. Thank you for sharing these lovely IG accounts. It’s always amazing to see women supporting each other. I usually follow art accounts, fashion being one. I love Martha! Her account is so full of colors and inspiration. @itscamilleco @mossonyi and @anazsiantar are some of my favorites too! 🙂