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The middle point between our glamorous makeup and the non-existent one. The makeup that gives us up to ten, twenty or a fifty percent more confidence when we open the door to step out of our house. While it’s true that in GADRIANA we prioritise natural beauty and self-love above everything, we are also women conscious of the power of makeup and the effect it has over our confidence when we present ourselves to the world.

The self-confidence makeup isn’t made to impress anybody, neither to show off our skills at blending five eyeshadows or trying to look like something we’re not; it’s the one that will highlight our best features and diminishing the ones that we don’t find flattering on us and which, because of genetics, we cannot change.

This makeup must not be confused with the No-Makeup Makeup because, while its true it shares the same process and similar goal, it doesn’t go into the same category, as for many women the self-confidence makeup can be focused on a red lipstick or the blackest eyeliner for a daily look. It’s a very personal and varied question, so for this post I asked three of my friends to share with us their reasons and their morning process in front of the mirror.

“When I turned 30 years-old I realise I wasn’t achieving anything by hiding my defects, so I stopped wearing so much makeup and now I do it with the simple purpose of highlight the features I do like about me, like my eyes and eyelashes. Among my everyday makeup there’s a defined cat-shaped eyeliner, I feel this way my eyes look bigger and by now it’s a habit because I do it every single day. Having Arab ancestry it seems to me that my eyes look droopy without the eyeliner.

I used to wear a lot more makeup before, but now I don’t use heavy foundations or concealers because I know my dark eye bags will always be there and I’ve learned to accept them. However, on days where I don’t wear any makeup I don’t feel uglier, just a bit less confident.”

Invested time at the morning: 15 minutes
Paz’s must: Eyeliner and mascara
Favorite brand: MAC Cosmetics

“I don’t do my makeup everyday ’cause I work from home and I usually won’t meet anyone. Besides, I work with fabrics and I have the habit of touching my face, so if I do my makeup I always end up staining the clothes and I need to wash my hands every hour.

When I do my makeup I do it to feel prettier, I have some marks on my skin and I especially like the aspect of a uniform, clean skin. The day I want to feel prettier or if I’m meeting someone with whom I don’t have a close relationship I do wear makeup because I prefer to give a good image. If I’m spending time with my friends or at home I don’t mind going all natural, but even if I don’t have a lot of time and I need to go out I definitely use a tinted moisturiser, a blush and that’s it. It doesn’t take me more than 3 minutes”.

Invested time at the morning: 15 minutes
Laia’s must: Concealer for under eye bags.
Favorite brand: NARS

“I wear makeup everyday, even if I don’t have a lot of time I give myself a couple of minutes to apply a bit of mascara and eyebrow gel, because my eyebrows are very bushy and I like them to be defined. My everyday makeup not only makes me feel prettier, but also empowered and I like to know that I can get to a place and talk by making a good impression, especially because in  my job I have to talk to a lot of people.

The days I stay at home I don’t wear makeup, but when I do I try it to keep it very natural covering the imperfections and highlighting my best features, like my eyes”.

Invested time at the morning: 20 minutos
Claudia’s must: Mascara
Favorite brand: I don’t have a favorite because I like to try new things.

Lastly, myself. Among all my friends I believe I’m the one who wears the most makeup, I started to do my makeup at a very early age because I suffered from cystic acne for many years and my priority has always been to cover the acne scars, so when I have zero time to do my makeup I give myself 3 minutes to cover those marks (which are now almost inexistent thanks to my day and night skincare routine).

Throughout all my life I hated how small my eyes were and in my teens a thick line of black eyeliner was a must for my routine. Now that I have learned to appreciate my features more and find a bit of charm in the size and shape of my eyes, I only apply mascara. However, something that I still do not feel comfortable with is the square-shape of my jaw, so I do a subtle contouring on the cheeks to dissimulate it.

Invested time at the morning: 20 minutos
Adriana’s must: Multi-purpose concealer
Favorite brand: Dior and Missha



Yes, to do my makeup everyday makes me feel prettier, more confident of myself when I talk or meet someone new, but it doesn’t define my attitude or my personality towards the world, because when the night arrives my makeup is removed with soap and, to this day, there’s no makeup that could cover or improve our personality, so it’s on us to never stop smiling, whether we are wearing makeup or not.


What’s your Self-confidence Makeup process?


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  1. I can definitely relate to Laia, in the sense that I have no qualms about being makeup-free when I’m in the company of close family and good friends, but I do like getting a boost in confidence from wearing full-face makeup when meeting acquaintainces and strangers! But like you, I struggle with acne problem too; these horrible painful cystic acne would pop up on my forehead occasionally, and now I’m dealing with hormonal acne on the chin which is frustrating! I definitely rely on concealer a lot. I would say my simplest form of self-confidence makeup involves A LOT of concealer, eyebrow gel, eyelash curler and MLBB lipstick shade, but having a full-face makeup on always feels good to me!