Unconventional New Years Resolutions


They say that January’s the hardest month of the year, after the holiday splurge, three or four extra kilos thanks to the endless dinners and parties, and a summer nowhere near to be seen, to restart your work life and this year’s projects can be summarized in a single emoji: 😩.

We feel ya, it’s not easy.

That’s why, and because we’re also tired of listening to the same purposes of each year (we already know that everyone wants to lose those three extra kilos and we all crave for that extra payroll bonus), that we asked our collaborators to share their unconventional resolutions for 2019 to help you get out of your comfort zone, and maybe to the point of inspiring you to finally organize that desk of yours and get down to business. Here we go!

“I have a weird habit. I like pushing my boundaries of awkwardness and fighting embarrassment by complimenting people. Of course, I don’t just give any random or thoughtless compliments. It’s not an act I engage in just to break a silence or to boost my likability. It’s an attempt to express what I truly feel even at the risk of sounding like a weirdo. If I think someone is beautiful, I tell them. If I like someone’s eyes, I let them know. If I admire someone’s outfit, I point that out.


In this Internet age, our conversations are getting shorter and shorter. We use these channels daily, yet our communication skills have been reduced to “scroll, scroll, like, scroll, scroll, comment with emoji”. I willingly make myself look weird by trying to offer a piece of sincerity, and I am not going to lie, my compliments often stun people rendering them almost unable to answer, but as you keep doing it, you will feel barriers coming down. You will start having real conversations, and most importantly, you will see people practicing your approach.


My main New Year resolution is to continue with my unconventional approach of highlighting people’s positive traits and strengths, and to hopefully inspire more people to do the same.”


DILEK from




“I want to go to a new restaurant once a month and have something I’ve never tried before (I’m a very picky eater). Instead of going shopping for new clothes, have some pieces altered to keep wearing older clothes. Go for a makeup-free look more often. Occasionally host fancy dinners for family and friends, for no particular reason. Start painting, maybe even take classes!”




“2019 is the year I want to shop my vast majority of clothes and accessories from sustainable sources. Whether that means second hand shops, vintage markets or brands that pride themselves with their sustainability and fairness towards environment and workers, these are the businesses that I want to support. This is part of my commitment to shop more sustainably and consume more mindfully, in regards to fashion and other parts of my life.”





“Personally, I believe for 2019 I have two purposes that are related to each other maybe in a somewhat indirect way: one is to finally finishing my academic education this course, after almost seven years of going back and forth, and doing it while also trying to get the best out of myself in an assertive, positive way and trying to do my best work, is the greatest way not only to face this new year, but also to close a chapter of my life and open a new one for the future. My purpose in 2019 is to face any type of personal or professional project in which I’m involved with optimism and also encourage others to work on it with me. Hopefully I’ll achieve it!”






“To every once in a month make the effort to detach myself from the agenda, to understand that nothing will happen if some jobs are delayed a bit and improvise outings for something simple as a coffee or a beer when most of my responsibilities are done, something I’ve learned in last few years from Spanish culture.”


PABLO from


“2018 has been the year of dreams fulfilled and a lot of learning, I can not deny that it fills me with nostalgia to say goodbye, but at the same time I am very excited to receive the new year. This 2019 I have proposed to improve my physical and mental state by exploring the wonders that nature has to offer, starting with the Half Dome in the Yosemite National Park. One of my resolutions for this year 2018 was to read one book per month, this habit has become an elementary factor to foster self-love in me, and by 2019 I plan to double the number of books I’ve read this year. Also, this year I realized that falling into the “Netflix and chill” routine is quite easy, so I decided to change that habit for another more ambitious: create something new every day. Something that not only helps me to occupy my days in a profitable way, but also makes me feel happy and closer to fulfil my dreams and goals. 2019, I’m ready!”






“2018 was a difficult time for me digitally speaking, as I encountered myself doubting of keeping my role as an ‘influencer’ (a term I just can’t get along with), I questioned myself what I wanted my role on social media to be and decided to start GADRIANA with the help of friends and collaborators from all over the world. My unconventional New Year’s Resolution is to keep inspiring women like you and me to create, build, get out of our comfort zone while doing what we love; to learn from other women and empower them at the same time. And for that, I need to stick to basic resolutions such as: read lots, travel lots and meet a lot of women (like you) down the road.”


ADRIANA, Editor in Chief – @iamgadriana


Share your unconventional New Year’s resolutions with us in the comments!


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  1. This is so cool!
    Heyfungi brought me here! LOL 😀
    I don’t have new year’s resolutions but I do have some things that I did last year and I’d like to continue this year. Some of which is to finish my MA studies, read more books, and my morning weekend hike! 🙂

    love lots,

  2. This is the best New Years resolution blog entry I’ve read in a long time! So refreshing and inspiring. Thank you!