Your Move

created for Swatch in Museu del Disseny

My lifestyle is hectic and that’s how I like it. Be my friend for a couple of months and you’ll notice how I’m always running around or behind a camera, and that I’ll probably be late for dinner.

That’s why, and because genetics haven’t gifted me with the abilities to become an athlete and the many scars I got in school are the living proof, the time I have for myself I like to spend it in either an horizontal positions on my sofa, or in a comfortable vertical mode that allows me to continue with a balanced status quo. Who else could go onboard of a cruise festival and prefer to read Hemingway at the terrace? Me, of course.

#YourMove by Swatch celebrates movement: any kind of movement. To be capable of accepting your own essence and to connect with yourself is to be in tune with your own rules: to have a chocolate donut for breakfast, to feel like the weird one from your group of friends when you don’t watch any of the popular series*, to spend an afternoon at a museum instead of the beach, to sing at 6 a.m. because, unlike the rest of your building, you are a morning person, and to be as ridiculous as you can possibly be when you go to bed before sunset on a Friday.

All those little peculiarities about yourself are actually designing you as an individual, just like the solid personality of Swatch watches are designed in order to accompany you at any moment. Jumping or yawning.

Finding time in order to step out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons it’s important, but it is also when you need to stay sane within a chaotic and hectic life. I enjoy my movement in small things: a classic movie, a cup of good coffee and a visit to my favorite museum in Barcelona (walking it counts as cardio, I tell myself).

Because who would have thought that adulthood could be so rewarding -outside of office hours, of course- when it comes to deciding what are you doing with your free time. Stay true to yourself tonight and get that bag of Doritos right next to your sofa. We all know it’s the best way to spend Sunday night.

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  1. Muy bueno tu blog.
    Aprovecho para invitarlos a que visiten mi sitio de avisos clasificados
    En el podrán publicar lo que deseen vender totalmente gratis.
    Espero que les guste.

  2. Love this pics so much, Adriana. And i totally agree with you. Overall, staying true to ourselves is one of the benefits of adulthood.
    Have a great week.